Yuvraj dating

Though the two never made it official, the whispers were strong enough to gauge our interest. com report says that when Deepika came face to face with the cricketer, they greeted each other warmly and hugged each other.She did not give him a cold shoulder and he too met her with fondness.Way back in 2008, during the Australian tour, the couple were seen dining together.

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Yuvraj dating

Here are some of the names that will throw you off guard for certain, hold your breath.

Virat met Izabelle at a party thrown by a businessman.

Though there have been umpteen instances where a cricketer dated a girl but things did not quite end up his way.

The list that we have prepared is of the cricketers who were dumped by their fancied damsels.

Two of his guests, Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan (in the picture) and restaurateur Lisa Boccaro were apparently involved in a fight over, it seems, cricketer Yuvraj Singh. So all these catfights, scandals and controversies are new to me. I’ve no interest in being in the news for such wrong reasons. In fact, we’re looking for a nice girl for Yuvi to settle down with," she claims.

Now, Boccaro protests about her involvement in the fight, and claims she has no interest in Bollywood and its stars.“They’re a different world," Boccaro says. I don’t come from a family where people abuse others. "The reports make it look like Yuvi and I are dating.

It’s unfortunate that Sourav become the victim of such things.” Though, he denied it, a couple of years later, Nagma herself spoke about the issue but did not reveal names.

The actor was quoted by Savvy magazine as saying: “As long as there is no denial of each other’s existence in each other’s life, any person can say anything they want.

There was a career at stake, besides other things, so one had to part.

One had to weigh a lot of things, rather than be on an ego trip and insist on being together.” Current Status: Sourav Ganguly is married to his childhood friend Dona Roy.

This affair created a lot of noise on social media.

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