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He was heard doing it in person on live radio interviews, where his language was so vulgar that his interviewers had to warn him lest they have to stop broadcasting.

It is true, at least once, that he mentioned torture of Palestinians by Israel, but to say that his statements were only political is ludicrous.

Marknagel (talk) , 18 January 2008 (UTC)I think he was the classic genius / borderline schizophrenic.

This is a fairly common occurance and he seemed to topple off the sanity wagon at some point in his life.

I watched the biography three times to make sure I did not misunderstood what was said. He did not have autism, I believe he began to speak at a normal age as a child(? The unique feature that distinguishes AS from Schizophrenia are obsessional interests (his mother brought him to see a psychiatrist because of his chess obsession, she was told not to worry).

Frequently, the AS genius is supreme autodidact.[1] and savant skills also occur [2] just as in autism.

He reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh, who likely had the same condition.

I saw a biography about Bobby Fischer on the Biography Channel in 2006 (shown in Ireland/UK), a colleague of his said in an interview (he briefly appeared in the last 10-15 minutes of the documentary) that Bobby had Asperger's syndrome (AS) and it explained his reclusive behavior, obsessiveness and difficult personality i.e. Though this may have been opinion, and not based on any official diagnosis.

If you have an image that you own the rights to that is better, perhaps you might give up some of your rights so it can be on the Bobby Fischer page. I don't think Bobby Fischer had Asperger's Syndrome because he was much more eccentric than anybody I've ever met who has Asperger's Syndrome.

.78 (talk) , 18 January 2008 (UTC) To be fair, this picture is not much better - he is now a grinning little kid which does not do justice to the seriousness of his life and his expertise. It is at his profile page and shows him a little older, maybe early twenties, completely absorbed in the thinking of a chess game. I think Bobby Fischer was actually an autistic savant, like the "Rain Man".

Second, for you to suggest that Bobby Fischer was uneducated and did not know the diference, or would not care about the difference between jewish race and jewish religion, it's not just a absurd concept, it mostly shows a complete ignorance of Bobby Fisher's true Alma Matter.

Feel like he felt, understand what he went through, and you will just start to understan Bobby Fischer.

Like other greats who have succumbed to disease we don't remember them in the downward spiral, but at their triumphant moment.

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