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As a user of a standard JBoss distribution you will be given an understanding of how to configure the standard components.

Note that this book is not an introduction to J2EE or how to use J2EE in applications.

Open source software is an idea whose time has finally come.

Enterprise customers deploying JBoss technologies in mission-critical applications with professional services support from JBoss include Aviva Canada, Continental Airlines, La Quinta, NLG, MCI, Nielsen Media Research and Travelocity.

For a current list of customer success stories, please visit the Customers section of our website.

Now it's breaking out into the commercial world, and that's changing all the rules. EJB3 (Enterprise Java Bean 3.0) provides the core component model for Java EE 5 applications.

An EJB3 bean is a managed component that is automatically wired to take advantage of all services the Java EE 5 server container provides, such as transaction, security, persistence, naming, dependency injection, etc.

It focuses on the internal details of the JBoss server architecture and how our implementation of a given J2EE container can be configured and extended.

As a JBoss developer, you will be given a good understanding of the architecture and integration of the standard components to enable you to extend or replace the standard components for your infrastructure needs.

You only need to ask for an EJB3 bean from the Java EE container by its name, and then you can call its methods with all configured container services applied.

You can get access to an EJB3 bean from either inside or outside of the Java EE container.

Open Source is an often-misunderstood term relating to free software.

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