Xcode provisioning profiles not updating

The following procedure describes tasks that are performed outside of Apperian's systems. For the official Apple documentation, see Maintaining your Signing Credentials and Certificates.

In Apple's official documentation the terms You are now ready to upload this updated distribution provisioning profile to Apperian so that you can re-sign apps that were signed with the previous version.

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In the Admin Portal, you can use groups to organize apps so that users on non-provisioned devices do not have access to apps they cannot install.

For example, if you want to distribute the HR app with an Ad Hoc distribution provisioning profile that allows the app to be installed on five specific devices only, you can add a user group called “HR Ad Hoc” that includes the users of the five provisioned devices.

When an app is distributed Ad Hoc, the app is listed in the App Catalog for all users with group access to the app—regardless of whether the user's device is in the list of provisioned UDIDs.

If the user's device is not provisioned, however, when the user clicks Install, the app downloads and starts to install, but the operating system will terminate the installation and display an “Unable to Download Application” message.

Select Certificate that we created within Xcode and press continue.

Now type in a name for your provisioning profile and press Generate.Keep a backup of the Developer Profile on the local Mac, because if the private keys are lost, all the certificates and provisioning profiles will need to be regenerated.There are actually two versions of a Developer Profile — one is on the Developer Portal, and the other lives on a Mac.After successfully setting up Development Certificates, export a backup copy and store them in a safe place.For more information on how to do this, refer to the Exporting and Importing Certificates and Profiles section of the Maintaining Certificates guide in Apple's docs.If you don't already have Xcode 6, you can download it from the Mac App Store. If you want to build on your device before deploying to the App Store, click on i OS Development as well.

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