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Ben, who earns £100,000 a year in the States, said they had only been dating for two weeks — but her dad told the Sun it was longer.

MIRIAM says the Rolex being worn by Ben’s new bride appears to be the same one he bought her for her 40th.

“He wants a recording contract with Sony and a No1 Christmas album.

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"I now know he was messaging other girls while I was sitting in the next room.

“And there was one time when I came to his apartment in New York for my 40th, and found used condoms in the bin and condoms in his bedside drawer.

“I went to a house party in Brooklyn and took some drugs was an awesome experience. The next week Foden messaged Miriam to say his brother Tom had expressed concerns.

“This weekend I’ve experienced something so out there in a place I didn’t think I’d be able to relax but literally rode a high all day night and a day again. On December 3 Ben wrote: “Just got the lecture from the brother about going off the rails and doing too many drugs.” He added a laughing face emoji.

“Part of the reason Ben doesn’t have that sort of money is his online gambling.

"He spends about £200 a day on the horses.” Then, in a final sting, Miriam blurted: “He broke my heart but my friends are so relieved I’m out of it.

Miriam said: “I think he probably gave her the watch as some sort of dowry — to give her the impression he’s rich.

"But if I was a bride, I wouldn’t want to be wearing a watch chosen by an ex.” The paper also printed accounts of two other women’s recent romances with Ben, including that of ex-Big Brother contestant Rebecca Jane.

CELEBRITY X Factor star Ben Foden claimed he went on a sordid two-day drugs bender, boasting to a lover: “I rode a high all day, night and day again.” The former England rugby player, 34, who has two young kids with his ex-wife Una Healy, bragged about taking cocaine and MDMA to girlfriend Miriam Murphy.

The office manager, 40, also claims he repeatedly cheated on her, blew thousands on online gambling and bought her an £8,000 Rolex — which he has now given to new wife Jackie Smith, who Ben married this week.

He claims Una, who he allegedly cheated on with a PR girl, gave her blessing for marriage No2.

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