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Despite suffering a severe cold, the Belgian sleuth is roused from his sickbed to solve the case.

David Suchet stars (subtitles) An archaeologist dies of a heart attack shortly after smashing the seal of an ancient Egyptian tomb, raising the spectre of the mummy's curse.

Meanwhile, Ruth and Bert seek out Al to offer him a proposition regarding the whisky and the B&B.

Medical drama, starring Martin Clunes (subtitles) When Hastings and a reluctant Poirot attend a grouse shoot at a friend's estate, one of the hunting party is murdered.

There are more than 100,000 grizzlies in Russia and as humans encroach further into this vast wilderness, conflict is increasing.

The Pazhetnovs have been rescuing orphaned cubs for nearly three decades and have successfully returned more than 200 of them back to the wild.

The first episode features the return of Paul Potts and Boogie Storm, as well as Ukraine's Kseniya Simonova and father-daughter duo Bello and Annaliese Nock from the US (subtitles) A reformed criminal mastermind who has abandoned his wicked ways for a life of fatherhood and jam-making helps a secret agent to bring one of his fellow evil geniuses to justice.

The villain in question has stolen a dangerous experimental serum with the power to turn harmless animals into ravening monsters.Food is cooked, delivered and prepared at 40,000 feet, while a vast army of people runs the cargo, loads the animals and services the aircraft - all against the clock (subtitles) (repeat)Documentary charting the meteoric rise to stardom of the singer, whose debut album 19 was released in 2008, with two further records - 21 and 25 - following in 20.Former school friends reminisce about Adele's early years, while producer Jim Abbiss recounts tales from his time in the recording studio with her.Contestants Jimmy Carr and Rachel Riley compete against each other to answer visual questions by placing rings on an LED floor in five increasingly difficult stages, hoping to win £50,000 for their teams (subtitles) Jeremy Clarkson hosts the big-prize quiz, in which another line-up of contestants answer questions that could change their lives - with lifelines, including Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend and 50-50 available to them if they get stuck (subtitles) Steve Jones presents action from the 13th round of the season at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, where Sebastian Vettel was victorious last year.The Ferrari driver beat Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton into second place to keep the pressure on him at the top of the standings, but trails by some distance this season, with Hamilton a strong favourite to retain the world title.Jewellery specialist Joanna Hardy examines a diamond studded replica of a brooch originally designed for Wallis Simpson, while glass expert Andy Mc Connell inspects three early 18th-century pieces bought for just a few pence (subtitles) The comedian finds herself halfway down the mighty river in the ancient city of Varanasi.

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