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However, I never even bothered to try to pursue them since they were not Jehovah’s Witnesses. So, eventually, I finally found my spiritual partner.I can tell you from experience that few things are as heartbreaking as to look into the eyes of someone whom you know you love, and that you can tell loves you, and not to be able to say or do anything about it. She had pioneered for a few years, and was currently auxiliary pioneering (spending 50 hours per month preaching Watchtower dogma from door to door).Finally, in my mid 30’s, I had found “the one” by following all of the Watchtower’s direction. This delusion came crashing down most unceremoniously the day after my honeymoon.

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As she says this, I’m suddenly thrown for a loop, and can’t fathom what just happened. Did I just marry someone who has the Watchtower’s mythical “gift of singleness? Is Jehovah up there laughing at me, having just pulled a huge joke on me?

“Why do you want to spend the night with your roommate, what is wrong? ” The wild look continues, a look that is something between desperation and paranoia; I can’t quite describe it. As I slowly witness my worst fears materializing before my very eyes, I eventually give in and tell her to call her roommate.

In my mind, the Watchtower version of reality was reality.

I had been raised from infancy believing the claims of the Watchtower organization to be true and solidly founded.

I lived in an area where the ratio was actually skewed in the other direction, meaning the women had more choices than the men.

The reason for this was because, much to the honor of the young women in the area, they left in higher numbers than the young men.

So, right away, the viewpoint I was given by the organization was not correct. However, there are a few problems when you are dating in a very small group of people, the first of which is that you are far less likely to actually find someone you work well with.

Add this to the fact that , and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

The Watchtower teaches that there are more “sisters”, meaning female Jehovah’s Witnesses, than there are “brothers” or male Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, that teaching has the effect of convincing the males – brothers – that they are in demand due to the sheer economics of the situation.

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