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I sent her a total of 00 US, in four different Western Union money wires.

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Anyone who has ever seen the American movie "The Sting" will remember that in the movie they slip a small sting on the 'mark' first, and they package it in such a way that the 'mark' does not know he has been had on during the first sting. The 'mark', in this case me, pays for the alleged trip without even knowing he's been had.

On her 'return' from Moscow (contact stops for about a week) she claims success. If the sap is in love, he complies willfully; he (I in this case) has become blinded by love.

Amazingly she meets an old friend at the travel agency who is willing to help her with the visa, etc. In the next few letters she describes the process that she is going through, (medical test, English test, etc.) and finally she states that the visa is obtained. I email several letters over the next week or so, but no reply.

On December 18, 2002 I send $1250.00 via Western Union. It takes awhile for it to soak in, but I realize that I have been a victim of a scam.

The flight numbers and times really exist, so she does her homework. We often see of each other, and I do not feel yourself by the unfortunate and deprived child.

The night before you are to meet, you get a panicked email from her, supposedly from an Internet caf in Moscow. But I would not want to repeat destiny of my parents.

The story is that the tourist visa requires her to have "flash money" of 00 US. That is money you can show the authorizing agent (customs office, visa office, casino - if you are traveling to one at their expense) to prove you are not a hobo destitute person. As to my family I live together with my mum and younger brother Sergey. I want that my children never have tested divorce of the parents and I shall apply all forces that my marriage was strong and happy. In the summer here there are lots of greenery, flowers, fountains, public parks.

When I showed up to pick her up at the airport, guess what? As one would expect, she will not answer my emails. One very short week later, she is already asking for money. Please excuse me; I could not answer you yesterday!!! Bill, My Love, for me it is pleasant to learn that you are interested in my life, my family, my country, city and my culture. All photos, which you have sent me, it really photos of my city.

She hangs up her phone on me when she hears that it is my voice. As you know, my aunt and uncle have invited our family to celebrate a holiday of The Great October Revolution. The information, which you have sent me about my city the really truthful. I do not have time to tell you about these photos, because I work now.

I write the agency that her picture/ad is posted, and they just do not respond. I sent her all this requested money via Western Union. I know, because I sent her flowers once from one of those agencies that takes a picture of the delivery and sends it to you. She is really at the phone number she gives, in fact I ran up one hell of a phone bill calling her. We wonderfully have spent time, but I constantly thought of you and I wanted very much, that you were together with me in this day! You will see all this in real life, when you will visit me here in Omsk once!

I am pleased to receive your lovely letters and such kind and romantic words. I would like to open for you all my soul and heart, to present you all my tenderness and love.

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