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ASEAN and its member states have striven to bring their constitution and rights legislation in consonance with international standards and long term improvements of citizens rights can be identified.

Noteworthy in this respect are the more recent political reforms in Myanmar.

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While some take a low-key approach, others adopt a more assertive role.

While some are linked with academic institutions, others are more grassroots-oriented.

The challenge now is to progress beyond the legitimisation of human rights through those entry points to the actualisation of human rights in terms of genuine protection and implementation of human rights in the region. The discussion is divided into human index development followed by the development of higher education in ASEAN.

The final part of the discussion focuses on several solutions for a higher education institution.

Disparities exist in term of national income levels and access to technology, urban and rural inequalities, and gender gaps in some countries and regions within countries.

Poverty in rural areas, where the majority of ASEAN members live, has been difficult to address and has a significant impact on the educational and economic opportunities available to the populations in these areas.

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It consists of five original member countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

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