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If your dating life isn’t as fulfilling as you’d like it to be, good news: It might not be you.

But that city in the south wasn't the only notable discovery.

When it comes to sourcing other folks in search of a meaningful (or deliciously meaningless) romantic rendezvous, some cities are just better places to play. There have to be places to meet – bars, restaurants, nightclubs, dance halls, cultural spots – but most importantly there have to be single people just like you… We looked at Travel Leisure’s readers’ survey of cities with good looking locals and fun locales in which to play, taking note of their top picks for places to go to have a good time and meet people.

We then filtered those results through Nerd Wallet’s list of top cities for singles, which we highlighted a year ago as a guide for where unattached people had the easiest time finding one another and having a good time. Aside from toiling away at a career, finding love or a hot connection is the prime mover in the minds of just about everyone.

Then put that list up alongside the top results of Wallet Hub’s analysis of the dating virtues of the top 150 most populate cities in the United States to see which cities both reports thought were the hottest for singles.

On yesterday’s post, I talked about the Best Cities to Meet Single Women I compiled this list based on a number of important criteria — number of women to men ratio (all our top 10 cities have a surplus of women, low divorce rates, level of education, social opportunities to meet these fabulous women, fitness level, and finally, good restaurants.

After all, most early dates happen in restaurants — I want to make sure you have something yummy to eat while you’re making your love connection.

Is the city you call home the place to find that special someone?

Austin, Texas, tops the list of best cities to play the dating game.

It also has the highest percentage of online daters.

Colorado Springs, CO: Ranks in the 99th percentile for socializing at bars and also scores high in the dining out category San Diego, CA: Scores high in the diversity index, which rates the likelihood of randomly meeting someone of a different race or ethnicity, and, of course, San Diego is off the charts when it comes to outdoor recreational opportunities Raleigh Durham, NC: Has a large 18-24-year-old population and a high amount of online daters in the area Seattle, WA: No surprise here - Seattle has the largest amount of coffee shops (great places for meeting people or gathering to rehash the previous night’s activities).

Lame bars and restaurants (or bars and restaurants), few available single people, and/or crummy entertainment options can make it tough to hit it off with potential dates in your town.

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