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They used to call me “The Machine” at my old gym – well, that was ONE of the nicknames! Fashion design would come third after being a master swordswoman if it wasn’t fitness. As far as basic cardio I am stepmill and runner but a treadmill warrior nowadays. I do love the idea of running that Princess Marathon at Disneyland though. I know what my body likes and I know what it takes to look good. If I eat too much soy sauce on my sushi, it’s going to be bloat city, sweetheart. Those last 1.5-2 weeks are crucial – brutal, really, in terms of dialing in. My first piece of advice to anyone wanting a better behind is to USE IT. Change doesn’t come “easy.” You have to MAKE IT CHANGE. I like feeling strong like I can take care of myself. Right now I am taking a break (not sure how long, but it’s needed like nothing else) from the stage – so I am letting my body heal from over eight years of steady competing! My ‘split’ is (consider this ‘loosely’): chest (light now)/tris, back/bis, shoulders/calves (light), legs/glute matrix…abs three times a week and cardio…AS MUCH AS I WANT NOW. Most people do kind of know intrinsically (meaning you KNOW if you eat fries every day, those abs are not for you! I learned that just taking all carbs out of your diet in a frenzy is the best way to come in flat and “skinny.” Never a good look for the stage. I am giving my butt and legs to DANCE and stairs; My abs to the Captains Chair leg raises, OH! Meaning: if you are exercising and you don’t feel your glutes contracting, squeezing, WORKING…guess what? Consider this: At some point when one of you no longer works for the same employer, then yes, you may feel free to pursue a potential relationship.

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Workoutdating com

In high school – I wanted to be competitive with the boys so I worked out with them. I am very lucky and very blessed to be making money and taking care of myself in a very tough industry. Stop waiting for opportunities to drop in your lap. And then, just taking the bull by its proverbial horns.

In college I was trying to impress the boys by squatting over 300 lbs. Xplode before any tough training or cardio session. Everything I have I have fought for – NOTHING absolutely NOTHING has been given to me. I can talk all day about being yourself and doing what makes you happy in the long run. Everything you want – you have to go out and get yourself. The people who think like this – are the people that succeed in the end.

Societal attitudes towards same-sex relationships have varied over time and place, from expecting all males to engage in same-sex relationships, to casual integration, through acceptance, to seeing the practice as a minor sin, repressing it through law enforcement and judicial mechanisms, and to proscribing it under penalty of death.

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Not exactly good for my knees but the guys thought it was killer. Syntha-6 RTDs in the 14oz make it easy to get protein in when I am on the road which is 90% of them time (I am writing this on a red eye to New Jersey right now! Other than that – I take a multi-vitamin (women, take heed! I love Pro-biotics because I hate yogurt…unless it’s mixed in something else. I don’t have a wealthy husband on the side, sugar daddy or a trust fund. FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: @Alicia Marie BODY “NO FEAR!!!

I never had other women to train with really until I started competing…I met more women who weren’t afraid of the weight room. I am usually 5 days a week cardio’ing it compared to when I was competing and it was 3 or 4 days. My diet is one thing that won’t change that much though I am not on stage. I do allow myself to cheat more BUT I do prefer to eat clean. Most people ask me what my favorite BUTT exercise is – and if I have any advice. I basically just went out there and said, “Hey world! ” I believe everyone should put doubt aside and go for everything they want. Why deal with regret and listening to fear and doubt??? I am very very excited because it is a long time in. I have a lot to say…with regards to life and fitness and living your life healthy and happy in a fit way and how to do that. My clothing line is growing – and my other CRAZY projects are starting to pick up speed. ” ;- ) Alicia Marie Website: Links: NEW COMING SOON!

Some people may not know this…but it all started with COMIC BOOKS.

As a kid I was obsessed with the way women were drawn in them. That goes for every single little thing that you want for yourself in this life. You grow by challenging yourself to GET IT, whatever it is.

scan that describes, in detail, something called "the low-rider workout." Dating back to 2002, it's a gym routine for young women who want to "bring their belly button out of hiding." An insect-thin model smiles knowingly at the camera, her jeans slinging so far below the belt that you wonder how her underwear isn't visible.

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