Women dating in the 1920s

She would dress modestly, wear her long hair pulled up in stern buns, marry early and devote her life to serving her husband and raising her children.

Flappers discarded this lifestyle in favor of one in which women were not pigeonholed into a pre-determined life.

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The long, full skirts and high necks of the Victorian dresses were too bulky and cumbersome for Flappers.

They preferred to wear dresses with lower necklines and higher skirts.

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During the Roaring Twenties, more women were engaging in premarital sex than ever before.

More and more Flapper women were finding employment outside the home and were upsetting the traditional ways in which society viewed women’s roles. Instead, they married and were financially dependent upon their husbands.Flappers went to dances, nightclubs, and speakeasies where they listened to the new jazz style of music and danced with many different men, all because it was fun. ” demonstrates, Flappers could even ask a man out on a date.They were not too timid to initiate a conversation with a man. Flappers were also experimenting with sexual freedoms.Women were finally granted the right to vote in the 1920s and Flappers discovered that their collective voice could be heard on women’s rights issues.They began to take active roles in politics and protests, such as protests against Prohibition.Flappers famously cast off the old ideas that woman should be passive participants in the courting process.

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