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The ethereal qualities of its subject collide with the material rigidness of the wire that conforms it.

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Wolski addresses directly the body as a theme by recreating each one of the parts that compose our vulnerable anatomy.

Their expressive and formal synthesis enables these evocative organic machineries to coexist with their natural pairings—nature motifs that present themselves only after a scrupulous dissection that rescues nothing but its most basic origins.

Curator: Santiago Espinosa de los Monteros Traducción Español-Inglés: M. We could consider this project to be the origins or me luminous celli upon which he weaves the anthropomorphic and polymorphic aspect of his sculptural elements and his human tools, his votive offerings and organs.

All of which offers us creation par excellence and the subject matter of which dreams are made. August 2004 Translated by Michelle Suderman By Antonio Zaya When Xawery Wolski left the Judeo-Christian heart of Europe to come to the American continent, he had already chosen his main instrument of work—one that came from a millenary aesthetic order: the memory of clay.

Migrations are the most convincing proof of this sentiment.

In these works, there is no longer a single, repressed, excluded, buried voice, and even less so a unique meaning where the Other will always be outside the private experience of the artist—that is, his spirit.

The detail and precision accomplished in each of its forms attains laudable levels that, nevertheless, go far beyond the aim of exposing its own virtuosity and rejoicing with easy praise; their real aim drives upon an insatiable formal research about the different qualities materials can render.

Circles created in various diameters receive carved lines on their surfaces that cover the blackness of their mirror-like appearance, embracing their traces as a newfound skin.

Wolski’s inquiring gaze has learned to undress everyday objects from everything he considers superficial; by doing so, he beckons us to pay attention to the things that surround us.

This is why he magnifies them and blows them out of proportion, such is the case of the chain that hangs from the ceiling as if grasping the significance of the space it now inhabits.

The importance of the work of Xawery Wolski resides in having accomplished a distinctive and singular aesthetic.

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