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What position do Jehovah's Witnesses hold on interfaith marriage?

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Thousands of them quit their jobs and sold their homes - but Armageddon didn't come leading to a drop in membership, something which has remained in decline ever since.

Armageddon was also promised before the start of the Millennium, but again never materialised.

Earlier this year, they were declared as an "extremist group" in Russia with raids on their Kingdom Halls and several arrests - it's thought hundreds have fled the country and applied for asylum in Finland since.

Other things they are prohibited from doing include being patriotic, as it is seen as "worshipping an idol", or voting or canvassing for political parties as they remain politically neutral.

One said: "I barely got any sleep when I was a Witness...

I needed the weekends to catch up on my sleep debt, but instead I had to get up at the crack of dawn to go out preaching.Many followers say there is a a sense of community that can come with being a Jehovah's Witness - as they are tight-knit and have respect for each other.The easy-to-follow belief system is also a big draw for people interested in the faith, and the organisation has a lot of literature providing what they believe to be the answers to life's big questions.And after marriage, there's still restrictions on sex - namely anal and oral sex which are strictly forbidden, something that is also frowned upon in religions such as Islam and other forms of Christianity.Followers are peaceful - even refusing military service - but are suffering from persecution in some countries.Serena and sister Venus were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses by their mother Oracene Price, who converted to the religion in the 1980s.

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