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In 2006, she appeared in the Playboy Special Editions Sexy 100.In 2007, she appeared in Nickelback's music video of "Rockstar", along with Madison and Marquardt.She rapped to Ludacris' "Fantasy", in response to the question asked by the show's host, "Can Kendra move her mouth as fast as she moves her booty?

Well, the marital life of Eminem is not successful as his professional life.

In his life, he married twice with the same woman but both times ended up with divorce.

Wilkinson has described Olive Garden's cuisine as "my soul food." The newspaper emphasized that her repeated enthusiastic public endorsements of the family restaurant were genuine, personal and were not tied to any payment from Olive Garden.

In fact, the company was reported as viewing Baskett's endorsements with "mixed feelings," and something on which it was reluctant to comment since the restaurant emphasizes its family-friendly nature.

In 1987, Eminem met to his high school sweetheart Kimberly Anne Scott first time. At 15, Kim ran away from her home along with her sister Dawn and then began sharing Eminem’s home.

The duo began dating in 1989 and they had an off-and-on relationship.

' I was living in this small-ass apartment with this ugly-ass bitch. I moved in and weeks went by and I didn't know that sex was involved.

I knew nothing about Playboy, I'd just graduated high school." She was featured on the E!

Short Career Detail: Since a tender age, Eminem was attracted to rapping.

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