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But she is the last real girlfriend i have heard about.

If you want to check her out you should go to Christian's Myspace pg because she is on his "Friends" pg. ive been looking, but so far im getting a good amount of "no hes single" and "yes hes dating Whitney Duncan".

Their "relationship" was staged for the show only, and I don't believe that premise has been used for quite a while now.

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He had roles in the films Swimfan and A Walk to Remember.

Crawford, the actor had played A Love Song for Bobby Long and The Fantastic Raid.

Clayne Crawford is a American celebrity, who rose to fame via Martin Riggs about the FOX activity comedy-drama television show, Lethal Weapon. Prior to being a performer He’s worked to encourage himself.

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:) alright well ive looked around and i noticed Christian and Whitney arent following eachother on twitter, as if that means anything, im just sayin they arent. I know he's not married cause in his interviews he always says that when he sings he tells the truth and he wouldn't sing about being married cause he knows nothing about it... Christian is in Portland filming leverage right now.... Leveragegal23 He was in Nashville right before that tweet.

i also saw a tweet from Whitney (from 2 days ago i believe) that said "my guy was just mistaken for Zach Efron" -i dont think christian would be mistaken for zach efron... and from what I've read recently, he's currently single... Yes he is single he might be going out on dates but dose not have a girl friend right now i am sure cause i was looking around and when to all his interviews that he made he did say he was single so if any ladies think they have a chance now would be a good time to find out but i would love to meet him i have a few songs i wrote i think he would enjoy cause i wrote it with him in mind lol any ways there u all go I hope he's dating Whitney Duncan. To which I respond: "I hope not, he's too cute to be gay." I know this doesn't answer the question, but I wanted to put it anyway. Whitney is in Tennessee, and just tweeted this 2 wks ago on twitter ...(Whitney Duncan: Was looking for my new shoes today, & found them in the garbage. And if you look back to January you'll see the same day he flew in to tennesee (his tweet) she's talking about her boyfriend serenading her in the bath tub LOL I'm not quoting from that...

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They didn't show this on the show, but she said The Miz. Although, later Kelly Kelly said to her diva friends are you serious? after 1 and a half year edge and lita started dating so Kane and lita got a divorce and 3 weeks later lita married edge I guess yeah hun.

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