Who is tina louise dating

She appeared in the Matt Helm spy spoof The Wrecking Crew (1969) with Dean Martin.

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Who is tina louise dating

With the January 2014 death of Gilligan's Island co-star Russell Johnson, Louise and actress Dawn Wells are the only two surviving cast members of the original sitcom.

Louise declined to participate in any of three reunion television films for Gilligan's Island.

She attempted to shed her comedic image by assaying grittier roles, including a guest appearance as a heroin addict in a 1974 Kojak episode, as well as a co-starring role as a Southern Corrections Officer in the 1976 ABC television movie Nightmare in Badham County.

Her other television films of the period included Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby (1976), SST: Death Flight (1977), Friendships, Secrets and Lies (1979), and in the prime-time soap opera Dallas, during the 1978–1979 seasons, as J. Ewing's secretary, Julie Grey, a semi-regular character. In the fall of 1984, she replaced Jo Ann Pflug as Taylor Chapin on the syndicated soap opera Rituals after Pflug refused to do love scenes with co-star George Lazenby because of her religious beliefs.

After a few months, however, Louise did not renew her own contract and the character was written out.

She later made cameo appearances on the network daytime soaps Santa Barbara and All My Children. " is considered a classic pop-psychological question when given to American men of a certain age as an insight into their characters, or at least their desires as regarding certain female stereotypes.

Although she did not appear in these television movies, she made brief walk-on appearances on a few talk shows and specials for Gilligan's Island reunions, including Good Morning America (1982), The Late Show (1988) and the 2004 TV Land award show with the other surviving cast members.

In the 1990s, she was reunited with costars Bob Denver, Dawn Wells, and Russell Johnson in an episode of Roseanne.

She became an in-demand leading lady for major stars like Robert Taylor and Richard Widmark, often playing somber roles quite unlike the glamorous pinup photographs and Playboy pictorials she had become famous for in the late 1950s.

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