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I used to hate for my mom to carry me to the bathroom when I was sick as a kid, so I’d crawl there on all fours, no matter how much it hurt or how long it took.

I was stubborn that way.” Watkins opens up about other grueling challenges, too, including the discovery of a brain tumor; the death of her beloved grandmother; her breakup with Dalvin De Grate of Jodeci; TLC’s bankruptcy and a lawsuit against La Face Records; and the birth of her daughter, in spite of the medical odds.

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Everybody had something to say about the movie [], but I don’t need to hear your version. If you have an argument and make up, what does that have to do with love? I also want to produce movies and television shows.

It is about our perspective, what we have to say about it. You don’t lose your bond because you had a disagreement.

T Boz and rap artist, Mack 10 welcomed daughter Chase Anela Rolison in August of 2000.

She turned 18 this summer, and is now working on starting a career in entertainment.

This is but one of the insights from Watkins’s new memoir, (Rodale), in which the star gives a candid glimpse of her struggles with celebrity and the disease she was told would likely kill her by age 30.

Diagnosed with sickle cell anemia as a child, Watkins’s young life was riddled with hospital beds and a looming sense of crisis.

, the video showed the three members of the R & B girl group—Tionne Watkins (T-Boz), Rozonda Thomas (Chilli), and Lisa Lopes (Left Eye)—playing up to their ultra-confident personas, singing about measure-for-measure cheating and gyrating in silk pajamas.

Little did anyone know that one of them—the smoky, alto-voiced Watkins—was in the throes of a severe illness.

This summer, TLC partook in the 10-week, I Love the ’90s: The Party Continues tour with other nostalgia-inducing artists like Mark Mc Grath and Biz Markie, which concludes September 16 at the Ravinia Festival outside Chicago. We had one show and more than 15 people passed out and I was like, ‘This is still happening? One thing I never discussed with people were my hospital visits because I didn’t want them to pity me or think of me as a patient and get a pass. I’m not a person to share stuff, so this is a big deal. For this one I had help, [the London-based writer Emily Zemler].

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