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The crank is geared to give a negative mechanical advantage so that it can crank the machine at high speed.

The Singer model K also had the vibrating type shuttle.

I took it to college with me and sewed in my free time. I recently found a slightly newer version at a sewing machine store and bought it. I have my grandmothers treadle sewing maching complete with all the attachments it came with AND the instruction book.

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The belt is joined end-to-end with a clip to make a loop, and can be shortened and reclipped using special "treadle belt pliers" as needed to keep proper tension.

Hand crank[ edit ] Model with hand crank Hand cranks provide greater portability at the cost of greater exertion.

A hand crank machine fit in a small case, making it a piece of luggage rather than a piece of furniture.

It also cost significantly less than a full treadle.

I have the buttonhole attachment for it, plus the bottonhole attachment and hemstitcher attachment that fit the Singer treadle.

The hemstitcher also works on the I remember my Mother sewing on that old treadle and wish I had it today.My mother had a Singer treadle that she used until about when she bought a new Singeran electric that she used until her death several years ago.I currently own the machine and it is in need of new wiring, but otherwise in great condition.Later versions 99K31 had a stitch length up-down lever with reverse stitch and numbered tension dial - Year The Singer 15K is always recognised by its.Look up your Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number to find out when your Singer has recently pulled some of their dating and identification information from .It was missing a few parts, including the belt, but I was able to get replacements from the Singer dealer in Winnipeg at that time.

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