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Miranda Rae Mayo is an American actress and singer songwriter originally from Fresno, California.After high school graduation, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her career full-time - and it didn't take long for Hollywood to take note.

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Miranda Lambert has an estimated net worth of around $60 million.

Her earnings and net worth through the years has also risen impressively: • 2013: $23 million • 2014: $30 million • 2016: $45 million Some of her gross album earnings include: • Platinum: $1 million • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: $1.2 million • Four the Record: $1.5 million Miranda Lambert likes the country life and lives at her 400 acre Tennessee estate south of Nashville, embraced in green spacious luxury.

In a recent interview, Miranda Lambert went on saying that writing songs and performing them for the fans is all the therapy that she needs to get past of her sorrows and heartbreaks.

That is why the star is touring all over the USA and will be performing her new singles.

Her songs reflect her emotions and mental condition, and that is what makes the songs of Miranda Lambert so endearing to all of us.

The ugly fight between Miranda Lambert and her ex-husband as well as a popular fellow country star, Blake Shelton is not a secret.

She has announced her concert days and that can be easily found online.

Life is full of ups and downs; relationships form and they even break due to simplest misunderstandings but turning heartbreaks or grief into creativity and composing excellent music are an admirable quality that Miranda possesses.

She is one of those stars who is always revered for their humility and love towards the fans.

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