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She incorporates a variety of whole grains in her daily dietary intake and eats meat only if it is organic.

She avoids certain varieties of fishes that are found to have mercuric content.

In 1997, Suvari moved to California and graduated from Providence High School in Burbank.

Who is mena suvari dating

After moving to California, she went to the Providence High School in Burbank from where she graduated in 1997.

Actress, fashion designer, model She made her first film appearance in 1997 psychological thriller Kiss the Girls for her role as Coty Pierce.

Suvari also likes to perform yoga and believes that the blend of two workout philosophies gives her balanced fitness rewards.

Since meeting nutritionist Feline Butcher, Mena has made her diet plan healthy and organic food-centric.

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As per Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is million.

Her ex-husband Simone Sestito said that Suvari's estimated annual salary is about 0,000.

Michael Hope has secretly crushed every "hope" of getting married to the Hollywood hottie, Mena Suvari!

She is currently in a relationship with Michael Hope, her boyfriend since 2016.

In 1995, Mena was first seen in the sitcom Boy Meets World for her role as Laura.

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