Who is lindsay lohan dating from the wanted

, Wilmer and Lindsay dated for around a year and a half back in 2004.

The couple made their relationship public and Wilmer did not hide the fact that he was in a relationship with Lindsay.

Back in 2014, a hand-written list of people who were supposedly Lindsay's former lovers was revealed.

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However, those feelings did not stick around for long and disappeared once he started to date his now ex-girlfriend, Demi Lovato.

This relationship was no secret as the couple made many public appearances together.

The two were around the same age and, due to their careers, they were often around the same group of people, therefore, it comes as no surprise that the two would date.

This relationship caused a lot of drama in the media because it starting to form while Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff were still dating.

The couple dated back when Wilmer was only 24 and Lindsay was 17.

It did not matter that when the two started to date, Lindsay was technically underage.Being in the public eye can make it hard to maintain a private life— who you surround yourself with or who you are dating is bound to make it to the media.Just like most celebrities, Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of relationships that were made public.Whether these relationships were confirmed or just rumors, here are 20 random men and women we forgot Lindsay Lohan dated. However, when they were seen leaving a club together the media started to question if the source was telling the truth.Many media outlets questioned if they two were dating. He has won many awards, such as a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award, three Academy Awards, and was nominated for a British Academy Film Award.He has publicly stated that Lindsay has tried to make a move on him, but he had turned Lindsay down and was never in a relationship with her.

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