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You know that what you're about to watch may be strange.Indeed, in a tough to watch sit-down with that her daughter was bipolar, obtained a restraining order against Green in June.

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News: "Lark's Instagram was hacked and she did not write the insults. In an interview with , Voorhies and Green emphasized that their relationship was real and hoped people would get that."[That] they just understand that we're the same as any other couple out there that's in love, trying to accomplish business together and it's not a scam or way to get money," Green said."Right, the powerful uniting of one active, productive purpose," Voorhies added.

She takes her situation with Jimmy Green very seriously and does not want to instigate any additional negative press."The actress herself also apologized to fans on social media, writing, "It seems as though my Instagram has been compromised to the most fullest. LV."________Lark is putting her ex-husband Jimmy Green on blast.

She looks like White Bob from Marketing from “Martin.” Remember him?

They got Lisa Turtle looking like she died 3 weeks ago. If it’s a disease that made Lark look like that, I beg for pre-forgiveness.

“All of us dated at one point or another — it was incestuous! All that stuff you did in high school, like, ‘How could you talk to him?

'” Thiessen also told People in 2009, “Did we have crushes on our costars? ” As for Gosselaar and Berkley’s current relationship, both are obviously married to different people and have their own families, but they are still super-supportive of one another. 12, 2018, Berkley praised Gosselaar’s new Fox drama by posting an Instagram of a billboard promoting Oh yeah!!! My dear @mpgosselaar on a billboard for his new show!! #imsoexcited #forreal #proudfriend A post shared by Elizabeth Berkley Lauren (@elizberkley) on It doesn’t appear that Berkley has responded to Gosselaar’s admission about their romantic history, but whatever transpired between the two in the past, it certainly hasn’t affected their friendship.

Posting a picture of herself, Voorhies penned several complaints about Green that included his finances and his body parts."To whom this may concern.

She previously defended her marriage after her mother, Tricia Voorhies, criticized the couple's relationship dynamic.

The alum took to Instagram Sunday night to go on an unexpected rampage against her ex. I gave him money multiple times and put minutes on his Obama phone."She continued, "You better take a U-Turn on that bus.

Voorhies, who played Lisa Turtle in the hit series, and Green haven't said much about their low-key divorce last month, which makes her Instagram post seem even more out of the blue. There's an active restraining order that he continues to violate," she began her lengthy caption.

Voorhies and Green met on Facebook and tied the knot in April after about a year of dating.

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