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Sturm worked on sobering up off of drugs and drinking, slowly weened off the cigarettes, and broke up with her girlfriend."The way that we live life for only now that there is nothing outside of this life.

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In the final installment Sturm discusses being a mother, how Flyleaf helped her cope with life, and the three stages of struggle in her life.

And former Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Sturm is now speaking about some of the life-altering reasons for her exit from the hit-making rock band in a new video promoting her upcoming book, ' The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living.' The book is due Oct.

I feel like outside of God we end up in dark place," she said, "If we're not created with a purpose.

If we're not created in love with a loving creator behind us, then I feel like if we really dig deep into why we're here and what our purpose is and where we're headed and what the meaning of life is, it always takes to a dark place if life can't make you happy." She then explained something very profound.

So to filter life through there is a God who loves and created us through a purpose and wants to spread His love to others and to the world through our lives." She explained we are "like a seed that dies and is born again and becomes a flower." Something great always seems to find its way even through the worst of times.

"You can't conceive of what's coming out of that seed, but when you die and come to life, it's just completely new." Check back in with Breathe Cast tomorrow to hear more about Sturm's amazing testimony.

And it was really hard to do a show without him, and it was really hard to think it could be our last show.

So I remember looking at my son after Rich had passed and just wondering to myself, if this was the last year I had with my son, how would I spend it?

"The combination of events all played into her decision, and she adds, "It was really amazing to recognize this season changing in my life and the freedom that I was gonna be able to focus on my family. And although it was really hard, I'm thankful.

And that's the reason I stepped down from Flyleaf."To learn more about Sturm's upcoming book and see her video discussing the project, click on the button below.

Listening to rock such as Nirvana and Pantera had negative angst built into them. "When I first became a Christian I was very much drawn back into those old ways of thinking and those old ways of feeling by certain music. I was withheld with some of those feelings, so I couldn't listen to that music that I used to because I would desire that fullness of life that I was feeling outside of that place," she shared. They are complete opposite spirals for life – one out of control and one on fire for God.

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