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But according to Killoren herself, who talked to a New York reporter last week, the next Real Housewives episode will feature a date between her and her “boyfriend” from last summer, Argentinian polo player Maximiliano Palacio. Why do they disagree over whether they were engaged? According to the Daily News, Stefanov said that Killoren “sucker punched” him.

is an American author, socialite and former editor of Elle Accessories and a former model.

My injuries are worse than Rihanna’s — and Chris Brown was charged with two 1.

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She has also published several books in her career, including a novel named ‘A Dangerous Age’ with Simon and Schuster.

Name: Kelly Killoren Bensimon What Show are you Going to See: “I just came from the Jill Stuart show.

Kelly Bensimon used to rely on running to keep herself fit and trim.

However, after her eldest daughter got her to go with her to Soul Cycle classes, she was blown away with its benefits and gave up running.

She felt that she was getting better results with fewer Soul Cycle classes than she was getting from her running sessions. Plus, she found that Soul Cycle workout sessions were easier on her body and she didn’t look overworked out any longer. Kelly makes sure that she orders salad dressing on the side.

In case, she feels hungry in between meals, she snacks on dehydrated fruit.

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When the @fatjew whitegirlrose likes the stories you write, you know you’ve lead any interesting life. You MUST read #adangerousage @simonschuster #danger #chicklit #goodreads #relationships… Behind the scenes of my new collection shot by my bestie mattalbiani.

She authored several books including In The Spirit of the Hamptons, American Style, and The Bikini Book - American Style was edited solely on her Blackberry. Killoren Bensimon's first line of jewelry was uniquely made with fishing lures and was sold exclusively at Barney's New York.

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