Who is jonathan rhys myers dating

The story centers around a John Doe (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who wakes up in Oklahoma in a hospital bed with no recollection of who he is and soon finds that he’s wanted by the police for a series of murders.

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Reportedly, Tudors actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is engaged to girlfriend Mara Lane. News, apparently, Lane was sporting a sparkly diamond ring at the 25th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas at The Forum in Los Angeles and wasn't afraid to show off her fancy piece of jewelry alongside her reported soon-to-be hubby.

Obviously, a gorgeous diamond on a ring finger probably means an engagement, even though the two have yet to make an official announcement or confirm the news via social media. Like her future husband, Lane is an entertainer, film producer, and quite the beauty.

In Outs June Hot Issue, we named Irish dreamboat Jonathan Rhys-Meyers the Hottest Straight Guy We Wish Was Gay.

The Mission: Impossible III costar told us about his infamous Velvet Goldmine sex scene with Ewan Mc Gregor and why he thinks playing Elvis (for which he won a Golden Globe) was his gayest role yet.

I played not gay but bisexual, and I ended up in bed with Jeremy Northam. It was me, Jeremy, and Anna Friel in bed together for a threesome. The more uptight he got, the more outlandish and flamboyant I got.

Was Goldmine the only time you have ever played a queer character? I did The Tribe with [writer/director] Stephen Poliakoff for British TV. Scarlett Johansson said working with you was like having a girlfriend on the set. The couple recently went through a difficult time, but looked amazing at the event. ️ (@maralanerhysmeyers) on Lane loves children, and even taught Sunday school.To learn more about the actress, including if Mara Lane is Asian, keep reading! So, when the couple announced that they were welcoming their second baby, everyone was very excited. And now, 10 years later, hes the leading man of the moment. And then you get one that changes that and they define you as that for a period of time. And anyone who did that much hunting, fucking, and cutting peoples heads off really didnt have too much time to sit around on his La-Z-Boy watching Friends. What wasnt cool 10 years ago Clive Owen was back in England making films and no one gave a shit. Theres a lot of men in the closet for many, many years. But still its not as free as it would be here in New York. Ive got lots of really, really ultra-straight friends in Ireland who would still have major problems not the same as they would have 10 or 20 years ago, but they still hold some element of prejudice. But it wasnt until Match Point came out that people said, He can play a straight leading man. Sometimes you will get a role that will define you for a certain period of time as what you are. Henry didnt like having paintings of him in real life. He was quite a lean guy who was quite into hunting. He is known for playing Philip Jennings in the acclaimed television series The Americans (2013–2018), for which he received two Golden Globe Award nominations and a Primetime Emmy Award.

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