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According to her, women no longer depend on men for money and are now running small businesses to make ends meet, Speaking about how men of this age are adopting the lifestyle of using relationships as means of securing the bag, she said: For some men, their job is to move around from one woman to another for money.

It’s like a full time job for them and nobody is addressing the issue.

Her breakout role was in a 2004 film ‘World Apart’. Other movies she has starred in include: ‘Games Women Play’, ‘Games Men Play’ and ‘Reloaded’.

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The actress says her father was not in full support of her acting initially because he wanted her to first complete her education and also because she was very young at the time.

Ini Edo whose first movie ‘Thick Madam’ was done in 2003 has appeared in over 100 Nollywood movies.

“He met me an actress and I believe he was okay with that. My work takes my time and interferes with so many things.

I tried to keep my (movie) roles as decent as possible when I got married.“He was the last child, so family members will try to see if their child is doing okay.

She is known for playing daring and captivating roles and also for having eyes for handsome and powerful men.

Today, we look at all the handsome men that the beautiful actress has managed to charm with her great talent and beauty.

Jim Iyke It was alleged that the beautiful Nollywood actress, Ini Edo had a secret affair with Nigeria’s bad boy, Jim Iyke. Ini Edo recently ran into her celebrity colleague and didn’t miss a chance for a quick selfie, which she shared on social media, while teasing how tall the actor is.

A few months ago, she shared another selfie on instagram with Jim and confessing the chemistry she feels around him, with the caption: “My big bro Jim Iyke, always so much energy and chemistry when we work together, just that dude is as tough as it gets”.

She enjoys her new found fame and attention too and has been feeding her fans with photos of those curves at every opportunity she gets.

Checkout some of the new photos she just released I specialize in investigative reportage across several subject matter and sectors but mainly focus on metro events and investigation.

Don’t get me wrong, not all men do it, but some of them.

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