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And there are fears that Elle’s name could now be linked to the movement because of her relationship, and that anti-vaccination could become “enmeshed” with the type of wellness the model promotes.

On Tuesday, investigative journalist Anna Merlan wrote on Jezebel, the online women’s magazine: “If the relationship lasts, Macpherson could be instrumental in introducing Wakefield and his ideas to a whole new world of monied and influential people — people who are, like her, concerned with the somewhat spongy and ever-more-profitable concept of ‘wellness’.” Wakefield’s estranged wife Carmel, 61, is also shocked.

Her brother, Finbar O’Donovan, said: “We had no idea that Andrew was seeing Elle Macpherson.

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Supporters believe the alkaline diet does wonders for the skin, can ward off ailments such as osteoporosis and can even prevent cancer.

But Sian Porter, a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, said: “This is based on pseudo-science.

It certainly doesn’t help to treat cancer.” Meanwhile, in January Elle attended an event in New Jersey run by the website Fearless Parent — which has warned of the “dangers” of vaccination.

Wakefield was guest of honour at the evening titled A Celebration of Medical and Parental Rights.

They are not divorced yet but they plan to.” Mr O’Donovan, 71, of Dronfield, Derbys, said his sister called him on Tuesday when pictures emerged of loved-up Wakefield and Elle at the farmers’ market in Miami.

He said: “She sounded shocked and said she was very surprised but also seemed amused that her husband had found a new girlfriend, who is a top model.

Soon Elle was saying she felt better than she had ever done in her life, and even declared: “I believe that most ailments come from having an acidic body.” She is now such a devotee of the doctrine she carries around testing sticks to keep check on the p H level of her urine.

Elle also co-founded health supplement company Welleco, which sells “super elixirs” including alkalising powders. The Super Elixir Greens powder alone, for example, costs £96 for 300g.

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THEY make an odd couple — a supermodel who devotes her life to wellness, and a doctor branded a one-man global health catastrophe.

Food doesn’t affect your blood’s p H and the whole premise of the diet is wrong.

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