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The early credibility of Theranos was in part interpreted as an effect of Holmes's personal connections and ability to recruit the support of influential people including Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, George Shultz, James Mattis, and Betsy De Vos.Holmes was in a relationship with her chief operating officer Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani and is in a relationship with hotel heir Billy Evans.: Henry Kissinger, a former Secretary of State; William Perry, a former Secretary of Defense; James Mattis, a future Secretary of Defense; Gary Roughead, a retired U. She did not receive any company cash from the arrangement, nor did she sell any of her shares, including those associated with the debt.

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She appeared on Jim Cramer's Mad Money the same evening the article was published.

Cramer said, "The article was pretty brutal", to which Holmes responded, "This is what happens when you work to change things, first they think you're crazy, then they fight you, and then all of a sudden you change the world." In January 2016, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sent a warning letter to Theranos after an inspection of its Newark, California laboratory uncovered irregularities with staff proficiency, procedures, and equipment. Department of Health and Human Services appeals board.

Holmes's first major investor was Tim Draper — father of Holmes's childhood friend, Jesse Draper, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist — who "cut Holmes a check" for $1 million upon hearing her initial pitch for the firm that would become Theranos.: Rupert Murdoch, conservative media-mogul; the Walton family, founders of retail chains Walmart and Sam's Club; the De Vos family (founders of U. multi-level marketing firm Amway), including Betsy De Vos, who would become Secretary of Education under U. President Donald Trump; the Cox family of Cox Enterprises; and Carlos Slim Helú, Mexican billionaire. In 2015, she was appointed a member of the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows In June 2016, Forbes released an updated valuation of $800 million for Theranos, which made Holmes’s stake essentially worthless, because other investors owned preferred shares and would have been paid before Holmes, who owned only common stock.

All of these investors lost tens to hundreds of millions of dollars each when Theranos folded. Holmes reportedly owed a $25 million debt to Theranos in connection with exercising options.

Elizabeth Smart, who in 2002 was kidnapped, raped, and held captive for nine months, is protesting the release of one of her tormentors.

Wanda Barzee, the wife Brian David Mitchell, is due to be released, well ahead of the 2024 date that the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole initially decided on.Smart has spoken out about the release, calling her a “threat.” “She did appalling things while I was in captivity,” Smart told reporters in Salt Lake City.“I know the depth of her depravity, and I think the community should be educated on it.” Smart, however, has no legal standing to challenge Barzee’s release, according to Buzz Feed. Holmes operated Theranos in "stealth mode," without press releases or a company website until September 2013, when the company announced a partnership with Walgreens to launch in-store blood sample collection centers.Forbes recognized Holmes as the world's youngest self-made female billionaire and ranked her #110 on the Forbes 400 in 2014.A movie based on the book is in development, with Jennifer Lawrence in the role of Holmes and Adam Mc Kay serving as writer and director.

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