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The interview dates will be posted on the departmental webpage by the application deadline date.

Applicants must take the GRE and pass the Upper Division Writing Exam.

An important focus of the CSUN's School Psychology Program is to prepare school psychologists with the knowledge and skills to work successfully in multi-culturally diverse school settings.

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To achieve this objective, candidates in school psychology use the systems ecological and scientist-practitioner models to exercise professional and ethical practice.

Students attain skills in consultation, assessment, counseling, intervention, ethics, and research.

The School Psychology program at CSUN is designed upon the following beliefs, which are consistent with the National Association of School Psychologist (NASP) and California Commission for Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) standards for training.

We believe that school psychologists should be trained in a scientist-practitioner using a systems ecological model emphasizing professional and ethical practice.

All students must also take the CBEST by the end of the first semester. In addition to the general requirements stated above, all School Psychology applicants must have completed or be enrolled in the following undergraduate courses or their equivalents: EPC 314 Psychological Foundations, K-12 (3) (Waived for applicants who have a teaching credential)EPC 430 Development and Learning in Early Childhood Education (3)EPC 451 Fundamentals of Counseling and Guidance (3)EPC 600 Educational Statistics for Research and Measurement (3)(Equivalent courses may be substituted for prerequisites with approval.)Students who have taken equivalent course at other institutions will need to submit a course equivalency form, transcripts, university course description, and course syllabi.

Graduate advisors and school psychology professors will evaluate and determine whether the requested courses are equivalent to the pre-requisites.

The job of a school psychology provides many rewards and opportunities to work with students, educators, parents, and community members.

School psychologists work primarily in the schools providing assessments, consultation, counseling, crisis intervention, and academic, behavioral, and social emotional interventions to support student learning and social adjustment. Not to mention, school psychology as a field has been ranked among the hundred best jobs in the nation.

The school psychology program at CSUN is a comprehensive, combined full time Masters of Science degree program in Counseling, with a specialization in School Psychology.

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