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Shakira posted a picture of the couple on her Twitter page with the caption “Les presento a mi sol...

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Who is dating shakira now

But the singer has finally made their relationship public.

What's funny is that there is tons of money to be made in enterprise hardware, software, and support.

I can partially type in the name of my colleague and Notes retrieves the rest of the name (without me creating the address book).

It gets awefully slow after the local server (meaning, the notebook's internal HD) reaches 1 GB data (for email); So, I had to create new local every 1 GB. I'll have to buy a pre flashed card if I want improvements You didn't search deep enough ;) ATI cards can be flashed on a Mac using VNC and Graphicaccelerator. Search for "flashing 9800 using VNC" on for details. Cut programs until our expenses match our current 'revenues.' When the two are equal or are in the black, let's immediately pass an balanged-budget amendment so this problem never happens again. The top 50% of wage earners pay over 95% of the income tax. In addition, if you look at their income, they have tons of it that is not taxed (So, shouldn't they be paying even more?

Thanks I'm simply stating the point that I don't understand how people can keep debating this "issue" when there are CLEARLY more important things to talk about.

I think because Apple is so successful they get picked on by the media and other Company's seem to get a free pass. And just because I have "newbie" next to my name doesn't mean I don't know how forums work buddy. No, but I think the word 'me' does have negative connotations such as narcissism and self centeredness. The last word I want someone to associate with my name is 'me'.

It is said that Shakira met Pique while shooting the video of the song 'Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)' and rumours of their affair started when the footballer posted a photo of them partying together.

The couple have been denying any romantic links till lately.

Don't know why you were modded down you're absolutely correct. I'm going to be using it for media storage and as a back up device for my i Mac and macbook.

Its going to be in my bedroom so we can watch films etc in bed on lazy days as well.

It is of course a take off of the movie poster for "The Usual Suspects". image=img0470cy4.jpg)Like many other mid-sized and large companies, my current company also uses Lotus Notes.

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