Who is dating eva pigford

The “Work It” hitmaker became the topic of lesbian dating rumors in a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” episode a few weeks ago and today, she’s STILL part of that discussion.

Another day, another drama for a celebrity to deal with…even when they weren’t even present for said drama.

That would be the case for rapper/singer, Missy Elliott.

"Apparently, the girls had gotten wind of him prior to me, and as you'll learn, a little bit after me." Eva said that even though the Will drama will continue on into next week's episode, it hasn't affected her relationship with Cynthia.

"I appreciate the way that Cynthia took the information that I gave her," she said. I think she was very aware that I came in peace and that I really did not come to stir up mess.

Eva and Sterling started dating in Spring 2016 after meeting in Atlanta while the actress was filming TV One’s, The pair has been hot and heavy since and when Hip Hollywood caught up with Marcille during the AFFCA Awards, the beauty admitted she is hoping for an engagement … “From your lips to god’s ears.”Given the model is dating the man who hopes to be Atlanta’s next Mayor, you can only imagine their conversations behind closed doors are very political.“We are both dems but he’s a very conservative dem and I’m a very liberal dem.

He’s from Texas I’m from LA,” she told us when asked about their personal views.

According to the 29-year-old, one night while watching ANTM with a college pal, he announced that he would “put a baby” in Eva’s “oven.” Considering that he was already infatuated with the model/actress, most would assume that he was the one who made the first move when they finally crossed paths at Brown’s concert. She’s not an accident and she has a beautiful mama.” As for marriage, Kevin says that he and Eva definitely saw wedding bells in their future, but once Eva got pregnant, she really began pushing the marriage “thing.” “It was making me uncomfortable. He admits that he felt frustration towards his record label and Chris Brown for abandoning him. The pair eventually separated again, but Kevin admits that he has a “anything is possible” attitude when it comes to the possibility of reconciling with Eva.

However, Mc Call insists that it was Marcille who actually made the first move. He looks like he came straight out of the state penitentiary. I need that.’” According to Kevin’s version of events, she learned more about who he was and got his phone number from a mutual friend. On top of that, his finances were not where he wanted them to be.

Marcille is expecting her second child with Atlanta mayoral candidate Michael Sterling. Mc Call didn't say that Marcille's pregnancy picture is what prompted him to disown his daughter. "[You're] dead to me."He circled a group of pictures and wrote, "Now you see her."In the following post, she was cleansed from his page.

Mc Call was less than pleased when the former "She's a real bitch for this and I'd say it in front of @miketsterling," he wrote, according to screenshots. "Stop letting her make you do #politicallyincorrect shit or take a private meeting with me in council man.

"But the fact that this wasn't easily put to bed was what was a little bit weird for me." When Will was cornered about his alleged girlfriend at Kandi Burruss' Essence cover party, he insisted that he did not introduce the woman in question as his girlfriend and that the encounter Eva was referring to took place seven months prior.

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