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It was a list that I titled "What I Want." I'd written: "To be a great actor (that one's questionable) ... Single and strong I came from the era where everyone was telling us, "Put your career first." [Getting married] was never something I really seriously considered. Go with the flow I've been doing yoga almost every day for 30 years, and it definitely helps. I was pudgy as a kid, so I've always had to watch my weight.I've had a very full life, and I've dated very interesting people. My friends who were skinny growing up have a harder time now. Reach out, and tweet someone I love that you can meet people on Twitter whom you might never meet in life. In the beginning, I was sort of like Ann Landers, helping people, giving advice.Dana knew early in life that she wanted to be an actress.

Just thinking about Antonio Fargas today, who has been brilliant in everything he’s in.

Also, as an actor I want to understand the full human beast.

Then you realize maybe they're making things up, using it to get attention. Keeping the peace There are two great things about getting older.

One, you learn to end a relationship but remain friends.

Dana moved on to movies and eventually started getting starring roles in films, such as Exit to Eden (1994).

With over a dozen TV and movie projects within the last few years, Dana is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood.

Scammers told me my i Cloud had been hacked in Russia/Korea & porn had been uploaded. SZj I so enjoyed reading Lady in the Lake by @Laura MLippman.

My sister and I still call him Doodlebug from Cleopatra Jones which was a personal favorite.

And you learn how to speak in a work environment so that everybody ends up happy.

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