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He's such a charismatic performer, and his shows are always amazing! Also bumped in to Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte at the show, which was a special treat.Cool venue Ocean Deck - Daytona Beach Never seen Collie Buddz before, although I'm a big fan. We spent the weekend in Daytona beach, and were surprised that the stage and crowd area was in the sand!! As expected Collie Buddz rocked the house and played all his hits, with the exception of "Movin On" which is one of my favorites. Thanks to ticketmaster for coming thru once again!!!!!!India Point Park - Providence It quickly became clear upon arrival that this concert was an after thought to profit off of the Oktoberfest set up that would already be in place. With low numbers in the crowd, Collie Buddz only played from -, not even lasting through 10 PM. Seacrets - Ocean City This was my 14th Collie show-my 3rd show at Seacrets.

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Building riddims for other artists only expanded his love for writing and voicing his own lyrics however.

“I used to make these beats an’ none of the tunes came out how I pictured an artist sittin’ on de riddim, so I decided to start to get in the booth myself again and spit some lyrics.

“I build de riddim first and while I’m building it I don’t try an’ think about lyrics ’cause I’m tryin’ to focus on the riddim, yunno?

I make it sound as best I can and then for a day or two I rest my ears then start de writing process.

We also ate dinner at the ocean deck and the food was really good.

Born in New Orleans, raised on the isle of Bermuda with intermittent stays in urban Toronto, Colin Harper is not an easy youth to pin down geographically.

’ From an early age, some of the local sounds on the island wanted to get me on dubplate,” says Collie, who stepped into the first of many vocal booths at age 16 to voice customized dubs for some Bermudian sounds.

“Sounds was always trying to buss local artists in Bermuda.” Consistent encouragement from the various soundmen and engineers he encountered on those dub excursions led Collie to maintain a musical focus and eventually trek to Florida for a degree in audio engineering, a path that ended behind the boards of his own Bermudian studio, jointly run with his older brother (Smokey) and Sneek Success from one of Bermuda’s founding sounds, ‘Newclear Weapon’.

His musical alter ego Collie Buddz however, is one of the most firmly grounded voices you may ever encounter.

Incorporating influences from hip-hop to soca, Collie’s music nevertheless has a rock-solid foundation in reggae – and its power to connect ghetto reality with the highest heights of human aspiration – that is a rarity even in Jamaica.

In 2008, he performed the song "SOS" on WWE The Music, Vol.

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