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You must be able to hold this belief even in the face of rejection.If you ask a woman out on a date via and they turn you down, the natural reaction is to feel as though your confidence has been dented.but no they are not dating, they are good friends though.

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This begins the cycle that for most will never end.

We spend our entire lives trying to make other people feel happy whilst we ignore our own desires, needs and passions.

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If you are serious about becoming a hit with the ladies.

By bad dates, I don’t mean you will end up with enough horror stories to fill a book like this (although that is entirely possible).

What I mean is you will be on many dates with highly incompatible girls.

Human beings are compelled to comply with the wishes of others.

We are told from the moment we are born that to do as we are told is good, and to disobey is bad.

Maybe she is seeing how it goes with somebody she already dated a couple of times.

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