cancun dating - Who has it harder in dating

So what's the answer to this question - who has it harder in the dating game?

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Next up is meeting her friends’ circle, when a guy meets his girlfriend's social circle for the first time, he is under more pressure to impress and converse with them.

For example, if a girlfriend is introduced to her boyfriend's friends and she comes across as slightly quiet or shy, this is generally considered acceptable, if not endearing.

If you ask a man, the majority will say it's men and if you ask a woman the same question, she's highly likely to say women.

Women do not have this pressure, or have to take the lead in the same way.

"Asian women often complain that Asian men are not chivalrous, they do not know how to treat a woman but they do not realise the pressures that are placed upon men". He believes that women are more judgemental on a first date than men and they often analyse every single detail and perhaps make rash decisions without even giving the guy a real chance.

Suraj is a successful professional, looking for a like-minded professional Gujarati lady.

When it comes to the dating game, who has it harder? I hope you enjoyed reading part 1 of this article from a female perspective. In his late-30s Rishi believes that women have it easier than men because the onus is on the guy to make the first move.

So why does each gender believe that they have it harder?

Anil believes it starts with making the first move and despite how nerve racking it might be for a man, he has to come across as confident to stand any chance.

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