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Contact us to discuss how we can provide a bespoke dating solution which delivers a highly dependable recurring revenue stream to your business.We have been providing both ready to promote dating brands and bespoke white label online dating solutions since 2005.The Hub Stars platform manages all the customer care, conversion & billing and software platform.

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Own your data, own your profiles and own your money!

With the i Date Media dating software solution, you own it all.

When you think of running a dating website you think of buying the dating software, getting hosting, setting up your profiles, subscriptions and getting started but there is another option out there called White Label Dating which works out for some people but most don’t like it so I’ll explain how it works and why steering clear of any dating white label software solution is the best choice. The white label dating provider owns the data and that includes all the profiles and content. The most important part of this dating white label solution is that you don’t get all of the revenue from your members. There are about 4 white label dating providers out there and they all work the same. You don’t get all your money and you can’t take anything with you when you leave. There are even dating white label providers out there that are scamming you.

Sure they handle the site but you lose half your money and to my customers and me that makes NO SENSE AT ALL!

There is no charge or fees to setup or run a while label site.

Additionally we have a number of In House Dating offers that are ready to promote on a revenue share or a CPL basis.

We have a wide variety of Dating solutions tailored by interests and location.

Here is a small sampling of the types of dating brands we power with our platform.

The first step is to complete the partner registration form and we will get in touch to discuss the best options to add or improve your traffic monetisation through dating.

We have branched our dating platform into three distinct platforms to cover the growing number of markets we cater for.

Our Unity platform is focused on building strong communities, which leads to a more compelling member experience and longer paid user retention.

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