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“Chivalry died years ago,” Tracey says, “and it’s buried six feet under.” Let’s stop right there.

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Read the full article Oftentimes, staying healthy and looking attractive are one in the same.

The desire to attract a partner can be a strong motivating factor to watch what you eat or go to the gym every week. Studies seem to support the idea that many daters feel motivated to stay fit when in a relationship or looking to get in a relationship.

Natalie sums it up: “Guys have lost the idea of what girls want on a date.” Tracey is tired of spending the evening in a chic Whistler bar with guys dressed “for video games in the basement: baseball caps and baggy T-shirts.” Natalie adds, “They dress down, so they act down.” And what used to be called common courtesy now looks freakishly uncommon.

Recently, when a man went to help Tracey with her suitcase, it was so unusual that she thought at first he was stealing it.

Almost uncannily, they sounded the same unhappy notes over and over.

When Kate, a publishing executive, moved to Vancouver at 36, at first she assumed she’d lost her appeal or become “too old” to interest men.Natalie, the grad student, says the social scene in Ontario is much livelier and the men much friendlier; all agree that the rare man who approaches them in a bar or club is almost always from out of town.I talked with more than 20 women ranging from their 20s to their 60s, and except for the Tracey-Natalie-Elise trio, they did not know each other.The males they remember from high school typically still live at home, without much motivation to date, much less to rise in the world.Even those who’ve left their parents’ house, they complain, are laid-back to a fault, too lazy or inept to make small talk in a bar, ask a woman out, make reservations, or dress appropriately.Faced with society’s declining interest in physical strength, stamina, and whatever else they might bring to the table, youngmen are retreating into what Hymowitz calls “pre-adulthood.” Pre-adulthood, which spans a man’s 20s and early 30s, is not a pretty picture.

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