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This definitely doesn't sound like something that people in a feud would do.

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When Dove heard about the ridiculous rumor, she spoke up on Twitter, saying that she doesn't have the energy to be shady to anyone and that she and China couldn't love each other more.

To further prove her point, she also shared a screenshot of her recent texts with China, which were filled with voice messages.

But what amazed me was that so many legitimate sites picked up on it, but they didn’t check with us to make sure it was true.” close friends in real life, it only took a few cutesy pics of them on social media for fans to start jumping to conclusions.

Though it makes sense that their real-life bond made their on-screen romance more believable, fans went as far as taking this as a sign that they were dating.

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It's easy to understand that sometimes when sparks fly on screen, they also fly off screen. It's makes our favorite television and movie romances come alive.Unfortunately, Dove was accused of being just that.When a fan tweeted about having a huge crush on the actress, she responded in jest, claiming "she's a total diva." However, one follower suggested there was truth to the statement, claiming that she sits apart from her castmates and is "perched higher" in selfies. She responded: "You do know that people TELL us where to sit in interviews and who is supposed to take the selfies, right?But what if two actors are playing brother and sister on screen?You'd think the fake family ties would make things weird in the real world. Just ask these couplescouples who played brother and sister in front of the camera.And regarding her "pretend friendship" with Sabrina, she mentioned that just the idea of faking a friendship made her sick.

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