Uncenssored sex chats - When to give up in dating

The ever-growing proclivity for staying housebound and heart intact even led to the launch of an entire apparel company a few years ago: Montreal’s Stay Home Club peddles sweatshirts, tees and patches extolling the simple virtues of “having no life.” Grey hair, granny dressing, Netflix, sassy cats and janky grocery carts are in. When I embraced my own untimely spinsterhood last winter, I called my friend Kristan, whom I’ve known for half my life.She and I had been through similar versions of hell with men.

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She was seeing someone who convinced her to get emotionally involved, despite her initial hesitation.

When she caught feelings in return and asked him for exclusivity after a few months, he said yes.

A month later he bowed out to “focus on his band.” This kind of thing has happened so many times to her and to the women she loves that she no longer trusts men.

“I had an awakening that I’m always the one to compromise, and they never are,” Shana says.

“I decided I have to just f-ck men, and get money.” Men’s bad behaviour has ceased to surprise us.

Rather, it’s become so predictable that it’s now a punchline.

Repeatedly, we’re disappointed, and we’re starting to find that holding out for a long-term love is often not a pragmatic choice.

We do still cohabitate, or “live apart together.” But we no longer expect (or need) those arrangements to last forever.

So we’re deprioritizing love, relegating men to utilitarian side dish and investing in our friends instead.

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