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Having visited one of her classes last fall, Pitt found the attractive architect with a Ph D in design computation to be brilliant, a source tells E! His passion for housing well-documented, says the source, "He's interested in getting to know her more and learning from her.

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"I think it was Picasso who talked about the moment of looking at the subject, and paint hitting canvas, and that is where art happens," he detailed.

"For me I'm having a moment of getting to feel emotion at my fingertips.

Facing the biggest scandal in his storied three-decade career, the 54-year-old turned inward, relying on therapy, a newfound sobriety and plenty of solitude to "strip down to the foundation and break out the mortar," as he put it in a surprisingly candid interview with .

Some 22 months later he's a new man with a still red hot career.

As fans scrambled to figure out what could have caused the end of Brangelina, once thought to be the most unshakeable of power couples, reports emerged accusing the actor of everything from substance abuse to an affair with costar Marion Cotillard (a claim they both firmly denied).

And then there were the whispers of what happened on the plane—the altercation between Pitt and then 15-year-old Maddox Jolie-Pitt that landed the Oscar winner under investigation by both the FBI and the Los Angeles Country Department of Children and Family Services.

Not even two years ago today, the movie star's sterling reputation seemed irreparably tarnished.

His wife, Angelina Jolie, the woman he'd famously moved on with in the wake of his shocking split from Jennifer Aniston, had dropped a surprise divorce filing and request for full custody of their six kids—and all signs pointed at Pitt being to blame.

Instead it became the first step in the pair's still-unending journey to a custody agreement.

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