Were aaliyah and dmx dating melody thornton dating anyone

Aaliyah didn't get the chance to be married, though she WAS engaged to ex-Roc A Fella head Damon Dash.

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He rested his head on my chest, and interwined our hands together. "Here." He didn't move, but I made the couch anyway.

He sighed again before kissing my hands, making me blush. Shakur." I hopped from the couch to get his covers and pillows. I put the pillow by his big ass head, I reached down and grabbed the cover from off the floor, and I felt a sudden snatch.

He looked down at me, and started talking again, I wasn't paying attention to what he was saying because I was too busy admiring his beautiful face. " He'd tapped my leg, snapping me out of my thoughts. I'd jerked my head back, if this nigga think he gettin some of this good good. "Not like that." A smirk had appeared on his face, making me smile. I went to the kitchen to put my keys up, and he'd got comfortable on the couch. "Killed a police officer." He looked back down at the floor. They killing innocent black people, just because they feel like doing the shit! I sighed and took my ponytail down, and let my hair fall freely.

He was soo fine to me, I would always tell him that he was the finest man on earth. ".....yeah, and he was like hell naw." He continued, that's the only part that I had caught. I walked back inside the livingroom, and sat next to him on the couch. " I'd remember asking him, he sighed again and took a deep breath. My ears couldn't believe what they had just heard. They just shot Big T not to long ago." He shook his head before continuing. "But Ima do something about it, believe me." He said, before calming down.

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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction I have been silent for a while, and I thought about it for a second. My name is Aaliyah Haughton Shakur, and this is the Untold Love story of Aaliyah and Tupac Cover by Colorful-Me I was in the studio..... Missy, Timb (Timberland) and I was listening the song that I was about to release. I'm still kickin' it here, Pac." I looked into his big beautiful brown dough eyes. I reached to him, and grabbed his muscular arm, causing him to turn around. Sit down." He interruped me, I swung my ponytail in dramatic effect and sat down.DMX shared a bond with Aaliyah, having worked closely with her on the 2000 film "Romeo Must Die" & on the accompanying soundtrack, for which they recorded the memorable song "Come Back in One Piece." Aaliyah and DMX were just friends.The rumor of them dating started going around after they made the Back In One Piece video because they were kind of hugging up on each other, but that was all in good fun.DMX had already been a married man for some years, way before the early 2000s even rolled around.They also starred in the Romeo Must Die movie together, and they hung out on occasion, whenever… He was already happily married with kids when he had even met Aaliyah.

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