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Chat and make calls with friends, read news and use local services in Official Accounts and Mini Programs, play games with friends, enjoy mobile payment features with We Chat Pay, and much more. • MORE WAYS TO CHAT: Message friends using text, photo, voice, video, location sharing, and more.

I am sorry that you have faced with this error since it is a common problem of new registered users of We Chat and unfortunately there is not any real solution for this because this is not an application or phone issue at all.

The problem is completely related with We Chat servers and your account.

If you have a friend on We Chat, that’s good, you can get rid of this problem very soon.

However it is reported by users that their account has been blocked just after registration and they get notification from We Chat to verify their account with a friend. Firstly you will need to find a friend who is using the application and he needs to be eligible for that. Yes it is one of common problem of We Chat and unfortunately this is an account issue.

If you have a friend, he should be eligible to verify your account (verification/registration).

You can see what your friends need to do for verifying with our guide.

If you have any questions related this issue, please swipe/scroll down and comment this page.

Please see if your account is already registered: We Chat Login Problem: Your Account May Have Been Compromised Let’s tell you how to get rid of friend verification problem of We Chat by contacting staff if you don’t have friend to help you.

The only drawback is that compared to other applications, its user base is smaller.

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