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There are only a few variables in the example separated into two regions the first is a thread safe method to display the image in a picture box.We don't need this is we set the Sizemode property of the picturebox to 'Normal' or 'Stretch Mode'.

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Webcam Capture is an easy to use library for accessing webcams in Java.

In the example below the default webcam is streamed and KLT features are tracked.

If the code fails to execute re-reference the EMGU libraries and include the required opencv dlls in the bin directory. EMGU Coding Level: While the coding is not advanced the rated level for this example is Intermediate/Beginner.

Note that the project is set to build to the output path "..\..\..\bin\" you may wish to change this if you don't extract to the EMGU. This is not designed as a full on tutorial and general knowledge of the EMGU is expected.

Software The code provided should run straight out of the Emgu.

Example folder (V2.4.2), extract it to this location.

Only some function is available in this version to demonstrate the methods available to the user. The key difference from this example and the Capture: Camera - Legacy example is that the acquisition of frames is controlled by it's own thread.

This limits the methods that can be called to acquire frames see the Methods Available section bellow.

While the coding is basic the are several methods involved that may be of putting the newcomers of EMGU.

The code provided in this sample is basic there is only someo error checking.

This article is a tutorial that explains how to take picture snapshots using a Webcam to be uploaded to a PHP application.

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