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But other systems not matching the signature of Mirai were also involved in the coordinated attack on Dyn.

"We believe that there might be one or more additional botnets involved in these attacks," Dale Drew, CSO of Level 3 Communications, told Ars.

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That idea matches up with what others who had some insight into the attack have told Ars confidentially—that it was also pointed at Sony’s Play Station Network, which uses Dyn as a name service provider.

For now, it's not clear that the attacks on Dyn and the Play Station Network were connected.

And Mirai has demonstrated that it doesn't take "zero-day" bugs to make it happen; attackers only need poorly implemented security on devices that can't be easily fixed.

Mirai is hardly the first Io T botnet to make headlines.

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Here you will meet both girls and boys who want to chat with a random stranger via webcam.While this scheme can cause problems with resiliency of the botnet—if a C&C server gets identified and its traffic is shut down, the bots fail—it's not a big problem for the botnet long-term.The botnet can easily be re-established from another server by simply re-discovering vulnerable devices.By the time it was over, more than 30,000 Internet-connected surveillance cameras and DVRs were involved in the OVH attack. There are a few things that make Mirai stand out from previous Io T botnets.First and foremost, its code has been published openly on the Internet.It could also be a signal that the bad guy is using multiple botnets in order to better avoid detection since they are not orchestrating the attack from a single botnet source." Mirai has played smaller roles in previous attacks.

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