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Click “View By Date.” Scroll through the window to view your daily Web browsing history.

For dates before the previous seven days, Internet Explorer displays your browsing history by weeks and months; for example, “Two Weeks Ago,” “Three Weeks Ago” and “One Month Ago.” Scroll down the page to view your browsing history by date.

This opens a secure browsing window where third-party cookies are blocked and browsing history is paused.

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The big catch here is that users will never use this browser to search the web or randomly browse the internet.

This browser is only used for bookmarked sites you need to log in to. Users will then use a second browser for all their web searching and random browsing.

So what is a privacy-conscious person supposed to do?

Browser compartmentalization is a privacy technique that is finally gaining mainstream attention.

So remember that if you’re logged in to a website, no matter if you are using incognito mode, or even a VPN, the website’s owners can see exactly what you are doing.

For the people who recognize the limits of incognito mode, they’ll generally then use browser extensions to help block more information being sent back to tech companies.Web browsers log which websites and pages you visit to help you quickly find online content that you’ve visited in the past.Microsoft Internet Explorer stores your daily Web browsing history for seven days, and then organizes older history by weeks and months.Despite what most people assume, incognito modes are primarily built to block traces of your online activity being left on your computer–not the web.Just because you are using incognito mode, that doesn’t mean your ISP and sites like Google, Facebook, and Amazon can’t track your activity.Usually, the sites that require scripts and cookies to work will show you a notification telling you that you need to whitelist them if you want to use the site properly.

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