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This week we cover a few bullet points from last Tuesday's monthly Windows patches, as well as some annoyance that the patches caused for Windows 7 users.

We track some interesting ongoing ransomware news and look at the mixed blessing of fining companies for self-reporting breaches.

Sometimes we'll talk about long-standing problems, concerns, or solutions. Receive an automatic e Mail reminder whenever a new episode is posted here (from Change Detection.com). Send us your feedback: Use the form at the bottom of the page to share your opinions, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for future episodes.

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This week, as expected, we look at some of the events and announcements from last week's Black Hat and DEF CON conference events.

Microsoft and Apple have upped the ante for bug hunters, the Chaos Computer Club shreds a hotel's door lock security, a serious philosophical design flaw is revealed to be present in 40 signed device drivers, and Google vows to continue its Incognito-mode battle.

We also have the sad demise of Extended Validation certificates, the further removal of FTP support from web browsers, Google's campaign to still further reduce web certificate lifetimes, and Netflix's discovery of eight implementation flaws in the new HTTP/2 protocol.

We'll cover a bit of miscellany, update on my file syncing journey, touch on SQRL news and Spin Rite, then conclude with a look at the most recent attack on Bluetooth pairing negotiation which renders all Bluetooth associations vulnerable to a trivial attack.

I share some news from my ongoing file sync journey.

We conclude by looking at some very interesting and promising moves as browser-based advertising matures from the ad hoc mess it has always been into a privacy-respecting Internet citizen.

We also have some SQRL news, some fun miscellany, and some interesting closing-the-loop feedback from our terrific listeners.

This week we look at a widespread false alarm about Facebook's planned subversion of end-to-end encryption, still more municipality ransomware attacks, more anti-encryption saber-rattling among the Five Eyes nations, Microsoft's discovery of Russian-backed Io T compromise for enterprise intrusion, Chrome 76's changes, this week's Black Hat and DEF CON conferences, a bit of miscellany, and closing the loop with our listeners.

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This week we check in on Texas, and on the Kazakhstan government's attempt to be their own CA. We note a troubling increase in attacks on the open source software supply chain.

We check out a survey of enterprise malware headaches, update some Mozilla/Firefox news, and examine yet another (and kind of obvious) way of exfiltrating information from a PC.

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