Vtp not updating

VLANs can be created on only a single switch and this VLAN information is propagated through VTP messages to all switches in the network.This not only greatly reduces the effort involved but also minimizes the chance of an error.

vtp not updating-3

THe Vlan database is kept in Flash and not in the configuration file.

The reason for this is to protect the information in case of a power outage.

VTP allows you to add, delete, and rename VLANs on a single switch and this information is then propagated to all other switches in the VTP domain.

On a side note, the name VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) may be a bit misleading as the protocol does not have much to do with trunking.

In other words, a switch can only share VLAN information with other switches over VTP if they are configured into the same VTP domain.

VTP information is sent only over trunk ports whereas no VTP information is sent over access ports.The switch in VTP server mode is needed to propagate VLAN information throughout the VTP domain.Also, a switch must be in VTP server mode to be able to create, modify, and delete VLANs.Transparent Switches in VTP transparent mode receive VTP advertisements and forwards them over any configured trunk links, but that’s all.They do not update their own VLAN database with the VTP information they receive and pass along.Explaination: I read a statement that a switch in VTP client mode does NOT update it's local database. I am assuming any update message from a server within the same domain will get past to clients and clients update their own information. Doesn't the VTP client also pass any messages it receives from the server to other switches in the same domain?

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