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Let’s take a lesson from some more of Vince’s views on sex, dating and relationships.Vince Vaughn On: The Secrets of Flirting (Swingers) “All I do is stare at their mouths and wrinkle my nose, and I turn out to be a sweetheart.” Vince Vaughn On: Respecting Women (Made) “Here’s 50 bucks, take this in case I get drunk and call you a bitch later.” Vince Vaughn On: Enjoying the Nightlife (Wedding Crashers) “Go out there and get some strange ass!Lester the uh, molester.” Moving to the most important part of language, communicating with the opposite sex, we find that this is the area Vince Vaughnese-ism excels at the most.

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Think about this for a second, if you had to create a new language, one that would be accepted across the globe and universally recognized, what would it be? Everyone loves them, there isn’t a person alive that hasn’t adopted a movie line into their own speech (Mine is “You’re killing me Smalls”, and if you don’t know where that’s from than I suggest you press the little red “X” at the top of the window, because you don’t belong here.), and if everyone started talking in movie quotes, the world would be a funnier, more dramatic and more romantic place to live.

Like the English language deriving mostly from Latin, our new movie quote language has to start somewhere.

From changing the time men take to call women (“Six days‿), to what men call women (“beautiful babies”) to even where men go to find women (“All right, all right I’ll ask her. Do you know where the high school girls hang out around here?

”), Vince’s relationship-based movie quotes have established a new set of rules, one’s that will make Vince Vaughnese the linguistic touchstone for which all twenty-something’s will go to pray.

Vince Vaughn On: Parenting (Swingers) “Our baby’s all grown up.” Vince Vaughn On: Marriage (Old School) “Alright, let me be the first to say congratulations. And all I want to do is get some fucking sleep.” VV: “Whoa. For instance, if you were proud of your friend and wanted to tell him in a cool way how you feel, you could say: “Good job man, way to go.

You’re kicking ass.” but that would still be kind of lame.

But c’mon, really, wouldn’t the conversation be so much more fun if you used a Vince Vaughnese-ism, instead?

Vince Vaughn On: Being Who You Are (Clay Pigeons) “I’m Lester.

I like to call that “the jackpot”.” But look past his “Trent from Swingers” personality and you’ll see that the man is a treasure trove for lines about how the world could be made into a better place to live. At our hotel room we’re gonna have kind of a pool party. Kick ass pool party thing.” But who are we kidding?

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