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I became interested in studying these two self-proclaimed matchmakers and paid close attention to the rules and tricks they preached to their single clients.

I don’t love either show, but I am always captivated by these two relationship “experts,” to be honest, endearing, and actually kind of helpful in a vacuously superficial TV kind of way.

I’m not positive that his matchmaking skills are perfect—it’s really hard to gauge what his success rate is in a 12-episode season—but you get the sense that this guy cares about connecting people and making their existing relationships blossom.

’s Patti Stanger seems like she’s just out to capitalize on the chronic relationship problems of the rich.

It should come as no surprise that I am irrationally obsessed with sex and romance.

In addition to writing tirelessly and reading voraciously about all-things amorous, I also enjoy watching television programs that tackle the strange and wild world of dating and love.

While it’s hard to achieve depth on reality television, Steve Ward has a way of breaking people (and their terrible conceptions of love and romance) down only to build them up better.

And it’s his big heart, not his sound bite-worthy tough insults, that keep me coming back to the show season after season.

In exchange I would be happy to either give you for your time or a 15 minute chat to see if I can help with anything going on in your life.

The product is simply an online verification tool to verify your education.

Similar to Steve Ward, Patti Stanger dishes out some pretty hurtful and harsh tidbits to both her millionaire clients and their would-be daters.

While she claims to be a dating guru, the emphasis she places on looks, money, and just superficiality in general, calls into question whether she should be the person dolling out advice.

He recounts that when he met my mother—after getting hit by what he calls “the thunderbolt”—he wanted to take her out to breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, and the rest is history.

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